Lopen Parish Council

Chairman: Stephen Crane Telephone: 01460 241412
Councillors:    Valerie Canton, Nick Jones, J Feeney, Chris Marsh
Lopen Parish Clerk: Jane Collins email Parish Clerk  Telephone:07967 218478

South Somerset District Councillors:
Cllr. Crispin Raikes Email Crispin
Cllr. Adam Dance Email Adam

Somerset County Councillor:
Cllr. Adam Dance Email Adam

 Responsibility  Councillor
 Highways  Stephen Crane
 Planning  Nick Jones

 Jennifer Feeney

Report problems with a public right of way

 Lengthsman (Parish Ranger)
 Stephen Crane
 Health & Wellbeing
 Valerie Canton

LPC News and Local Information Circulars

Councillor Vacancies

 DO YOU FEEL YOUR EXPERIENCE & SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY COULD HELP OUR FRIENDLY TEAM OF COUNCILLORS, WORKING TOGETHER FOR OUR VILLAGE?  Chris Marsh was recently co-opted, but there remains two places on the Council.  No direct experience required as training courses and advice will be provided. Please contact either Chairman, Stephen Crane or Clerk, Lisa Wilson in the first instance for further information. 



Application number 19/01951/FUL   Garage adjacent to The Laurels, Holloway Road, Lopen, TA13 5JZ: Demolition of existing garage, the erection of a residential dwelling with new vehicular access.  Refused.


Lopen Parish Council Internal / External Accounts Audits

Lopen Parish Council Accounts for the year 2018-19 are now published on the noticeboard and herewith.  As an exempt authority the accounts are no longer examined by an external auditor : 

Public Rights Notification

Certificate of Exemption

Annual Governance Statement

Accounting Statements

Bank Reconciliation

Lopen Parish Council Accounts 2017-18 documents - Public Rights Notification

Certificate of Exemption

Accounting Statements

Annual Governance Statement

Lopen Parish Council Accounts for the year 2016-17 have now been approved by external auditors Grant Thornton. The documents below are those that fulfil the requirements for publication :

Lopen Parish Council - Audited Annual Accounts 2016-17 documents

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Bank Transactions 2016-17

2015-16 Audited Accounts

Lopen Parish Council - audited accounts 2015-16

Local audit and accountability

2014-15 Accounts Audit 

Notice of conclusion of audit 2015.PDF 

Audited Statement of Accounts 2014-15

LPC Bank Transaction 2015 

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May 2019 - minutes of Annual Village Meeting of 2018

 May 2019 (Annual Parish Council Meeting)

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To request copies of earlier minutes, please email the Clerk (see above)


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