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Historical and Archaeological Background Report

Geology report: Roman tesserae, stonetiles and building materials

Photogrammetry and the Lopen Mosaic

Mosaic plans: drawings to scale of the site and room plans and the mosaic layout

Websites of Interest


The site of ASPROM, The Association for the Study and Preservation of Roman Mosaics. For membership and other information including news on the publication for the Society of Antiquarians of the four volumes illustrating all of the mosaics found in Britain. All are the work of David Neal and Steve Cosh, Volume II covering South West Britain expected to be published in April 2003.


Covers a range of topics related to the Romans including http://www.gwydir.emon.co.uk/jo/roman and acess to a make your own mosaic.


Gives an opportunity to view some of the images found in mosaics at Bignor and Fishborne.


Introduces the publication Current Archaeology, page for number 157, May 1998.

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