SLOW (Safer Lopen noW)   

Somerset County Council Highways Department have at last delivered their Revised Proposal which, although removing most of the more outlandish ideas of the original, still goes nowhere near satisfying the demands of SLOW or the majority of the village residents.  In particular there is still to be no attempt to introduce a 20mph speed restriction through the centre of the village.

We are relieved that the existing speed limits on the side roads are to be retained although some very strange additions and re-positioning of several of the repeater signs defy belief. Some movement has been achieved with additional signage at the entrance to Broomhill Lane and Mill Lane.

The Parish Council have almost been obliged to advise their acceptance of the scheme, under threat of loosing funding for the entire proposal if any further challenges were put forward. We, on the other hand, intend to continue to press the Highways Authority to justify their reasoning for the refusal of the 20mph zone and have written to them expressing our intention and dissatisfaction with the present situation..                                          

We continue to encourage you to email Steve Lawrence of the Highways Department - to at least register an objection to the Revised Plan in its present form. 

SLOW is open to ALL Lopen residents because we are all affected by the road and we want to hear from you. We are here to listen to you and represent your concerns.

The village Speed Watch group has now been reformed and we already have more than a dozen volunteers.  However, more are required to provide sufficient members to be able to mount a patrol at any time and on any day of  the week.  If you can help please be in touch with your availability.

A copy of the current plans can be viewed by request to the Clerk to the Parish Council. 

You can contact SLOW by email by clicking here.