SLOW (Safer Lopen noW)   

Somerset County Council Highways Department have delivered their Phase A proposal:


The members of SLOW met on December 4th to discuss the proposal and wholeheartedly disagree with the content.  Residents of Lopen have until Monday December 19th to send their comments and views on the proposal to the Highways Department for consideration before anything is implemented.

Please see a copy of their letter to local residents:

And please also look at SLOWs views on the proposal before you comment:

We encourage you to email Steve Lawrence of the Highways Department by December 19th - to at least register an objection to the Proposed Plan in its present form. 

Due to the traffic issues through our village - speeding and overweight vehicles, we have formed an action group to improve matters. 

Our aim is simple – to reduce both the speed and volume of traffic through Lopen. This will improve the quality of life for us all wherever we live in the village. A name for our Group has been adopted - SLOW (Safer LOpen noW).

SLOW is open to ALL Lopen residents because we are all affected by the road and we want to hear from you. We are here to listen to you and represent your concerns.

We are currently taking steps to re-form the village Speed Watch group, we already have more than a dozen volunteers.  However, more are required to provide sufficient members to be able to mount a patrol at any time and on any day of  the week.  If you can help please be in touch with your availability.

A draft plan of the Road Improvement Scheme (SIS) is expected to be made available to the Parish Council in December.  We will aim to have it publicly displayed in order that everyone can see what is proposed.  And would urge you to make your opinions clear to your Parish Councillors in order that there can be no doubt as to the views of the Village. 

Following recent meetings with members of the SLOW Action Group and a further meeting between Councillor LeHardy  and County Highways regarding the traffic situation through Lopen, a number of issues have been identified and discussed.  A full copy of the report from Councillor Le Hardy is posted on the village notice board at the junction of Holloway and Church Street.  A copy can also be downloaded here.

There will be the need to collect and collate a large amount of data, mainly types and numbers of traffic movements through the village, to support our views and provide grounds for a further round of road improvements. Your help, again, would be very appreciated.

You can contact by email by clicking here.